Alex J. Trimble & Jamie William


‘Mustang Margaritas’ is the product of a road trip down the West coast of America by two fun-loving Northern Irish best friends. The pair document their adventures from taking in the beautiful backdrop of the Nevada desert to the seedy sights of Las Vegas with their Contax G2 cameras in hand. 

“To get lost and found again through the lens of a camera, escaping life as we live it with a close friend is an unforgettable experience that I dearly wish to share with people through these pictures” says Alex Trimble. 

“The desire to explore an enticing new place and to get lost on the open road instilled a determination right from the drunken moment of the trip’s conception” says Jamie William.

In the fast-paced modern world we live in today many are guilty of failing to stop to take in the vast beauty around us and are instead transfixed on the mundane realism of day-to-day life. ‘Mustang Margaritas’ encapsulates the essence of freedom of expression and unexpected adventure. As if effortlessly, the pair have produced a profound yet simplistic debut collection.